Poetic State Of Mind

Mindstate Of A Winner…

I shine through every darkness I find myself in,
I was born to win so failure to me is like the cousin of sin,
I can’t, I shouldn’t..bow down my head to the jaws of defeat,
My feat must go on, its my destiny and I pray I’m not let down by my feet,
Echoes of our heroes that saved our present with their past yesterday,
The future not so bright, but we’ll use the minds they possessed to spark change to light up our way,
To the highest mountain I’ll climb..aiming for the skies not looking to recline,
My transgression is forgiven through my confession so blessings are forthcoming in due time,
The race is not for the weak..but for the strong in heart,
Life is like a motion picture..God is my director..I have to play my part,
I envisage the success, realisation of my dreams fulfilled before the sun set,
On a conquest to find power..I tread cautiously on these broken steps,
Nights filled with less sleep,
Nightmares taunt me like those of elm street,
On a mission to break my spirit, they feed within my brain,
The pressure’s on but my soul is far from succumbing,thus ties with insanity it refrains,
The passion burns stronger,
The smell of victory increases my hunger,
Still alive although buried within the debris..I know no pain,
Last man standing, I fall in the pit of my blood, sweat and tears but rise up with gains..


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