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Reality Of Love…

No relationship is perfect! Yes this is the gospel truth, whether you love to admit or not. Every relationship has its up and downs and its out of these up and downs that the love is truly tested. In a way, arguments and misunderstandings form an essential part of a relationship unconsciously. I use the word “unconsciously” because no argument nor misunderstanding is started or planned to occur deliberately. To every “fight” there is a solution. Always know that no situations too big or colossal for a solution. If you think in that light then you have a weak heart and brain for reasoning which in its self proves that you were not ready for the relationship in the 1st place. Trusting your instincts about somebody you feel is right for you is complimented by the burning good feeling of desire that yearns for you to love the person each day from the very day you met that person. Trust is a key act, and one which is vital for any relationship to work. Know that trust is not earned from the minute you meet that person. It comes after a brief period of time in which both of you observe each others lifestyle and behaviour. It is after this that trust fully sets in. At the beginning you are sure to hit some bumpy rocks, but its never about how many rocks you hit and fall but how you react to those hits and rise out of them. Its a team effort and one which both of you must work hand in hand. Its time to live in truth and reality, the phrase “happily ever after” is never synonymous to real life situations. Its purely fictional and a fantasy. However, there should be much joy rather than anger in your love life.


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