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The Race…

Picture this! A running track, a bunch of racers and a judge. Now picture this! Being in a race on the same running track with other people all in search of finishing 1st and gold. Life is this running track and we are the runners. In any running event, the runners are placed in separate lanes prior to the beginning of it. Life may be portrayed in this instance, as God being our judge places us in different lanes to run on this track of life. We’ve been sent here to live a purpose, not common but one of which should have a fundamental impact in our relationship with God. We are all racing to finish on top of the pile or as 1st. However, in our conquest to attain that qualification, we tend to navigate off course and head into different lanes that subsequently disqualify us from the race. Note that, each lane of track for which we are placed to run on was determined by the Lord. Thus it is only reasonable and logical that we move in our respective lanes en route to the finish line. The end certainly justifies the means and so it must be noted also that while on the race we may face certain obstacles, hurdles, etc..that might want to slow our progress. Some are blessed to live life in total goodness while others must strife to feel a quarter of the comfort that the blessed ones possess. It doesn’t matter where you start in the race, but the impact of your finish is that which would determine whether you are allowed to qualify based on sincerity and honesty. We must tend to live without judging, and trying to follow the lives of others who maybe successful but did not end up where they are now authentically. We must live within our own means and just like the race, run in our own lanes so as not to face the ultimate disqualification from the ultimate judge, our Lord. Live in truth and not in denial after all, would you rather not like to run your own lane, end up last but know that you’re qualified than to run into somebody’s lane, finish 1st but end up disqualified? The race is most definitely on and we must not forget that our Lord is our judge. He’s @ the same time, the maker of the law for which he set and instilled within us. The message is quite simple. Run in the lane that has been set for you and bear in mind that it does not matter how slow or how bumpy your lane might be, so far as you stay in that lane and gradually make it to the finish line, your are guaranteed a qualification from God our Lord.


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