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Good Friday; The Good, The Bad, The Saved…

Today is a significant day in the lives of all Christians around the world. The day our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross to set our souls free of sins and renew in us a new heavenly spirit. It still bothers me why this day is called “Good Friday” considering that Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross. The mode of his death was very harsh and sad. Being nailed along with two high-profiled thieves, you could say he did not deserve to be treated the same way as those other two men. Last Sunday, he made the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, this was the just phase 1 of a plan that was to be carried out in order for His death and our cleansing of sins to take place. Phase 2 was the last supper, @ which our Lord and Saviour declared to his prophets that he would be betrayed by one of them. Judas was quick to respond after that declaration had been made and our Lord was quick to respond to his denial and stated that it was indeed him who was going to betray him. Phase 3 was is where we are @ today, his death, in which he had to carry his own cross across a very long distance. He was subjected to chants of hate and mockery. The cross he carried symbolises our sins, and he carried them all the way to the point where he was finally nailed on the cross to set free of those sins. So why Good Friday? Why is this Friday deemed Good when actually it should be full of grief, sorrow and pain? Simple! We as Christians must look at the death of Jesus Christ as turning point in our lives. His death set us free of all our transgression and iniquities. He made that sacrifice to give us another chance of living a better, righteous life. Sadly, a large population of Christians today fail to act in accordance to the change that is expected of us by God. Today, let’s observe the infinite amount of good will, favour and gesture that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made for us by dying on the cross. Let’s respond to change and live in the truth which is a life of righteousness. Remember that not everybody would do such a sacrifice like that of our Lord did and we owe him a massive favour by letting go of our worldly living and living according to the Word and its principles. Happy Easter everybody!


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