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The Past; Many Troubles, Few Golden Moments…

That dreadful part of our life that bears more grief than a the funeral of a loved one. Most of us @ some point of our lives refer to the past and its curse it may have left on our way to progressing to better things. Sadly, the past shows no remorse for the weak and as such those who fall under that attribute tend to be drawn back from their lives. The past holds key moments in our lives, some of which may be full of glory, others full of pain but for those who have more of the pain than the glory, know that all hope is not lost. The rebuilding process takes a slower time and within that period, you are bound to be reminded of the pain that you had to endure. Its very important that you take your time in dealing with the past. Most people say “What’s in the past, stays in the past” that to some extent is true, but ever wondered why some people after saying that always go back to square one? Its because they haven’t fully gotten over it yet. There can never be a future when you still hover around the past. Divide the past into two sections..Glory n Pain. Now, analyse the glories you’ve had and the pains you’ve had also. Note that if you want to proceed onto better things, you need to focus on the glories and use that as a momentum to project your mind to better things. No matter how small your glories in the past may have been, its a psychological omen that you dwell on these glories to have your mind in a comfort zone. The pains must be dealt with the notion that they’re either eliminated instantly or revised and recycled into glories. Its a win-win situation and its the only way you can deal with the psychological trauma. You need to be strong mentally to deal with the past, its the way and the only way. Also, note that once you get over the past, there’s no room for complacency. Carry on forward with the positivity and under no circumstance should you allow yourself to go back to the same toils and hurt you took a significant amount of time to get over..the way to your dreams and goals is always forward never backwards!!


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