Poetic State Of Mind

Love, From Me To U…

May I hold your hands & walk u down the street..be a gentleman and pull the chair for you to have a seat,
Stare in your eyes and not blink for a sec.,
Cos in a flash..your smile defines the moment of truth when my heart seems to beat out of my chest,
Out of sight and out of reach,no strings attached,
Our love’s cordless like a cell fone wireless matched,
All of the lies, can’t even blind our eyes,
Covered with the shades of Truth so whether day or night we shine,
You can do no wrong..love it when we make songs in between the sheets,
Just you and me,
The tune’s Italian,echoes of Luciano Pavarotti,
Let’s fly to paris make love on the top of the Eiffel tower,
In your love I found an energy like a Keri melody, in your love I got the power,
You are all that I’m looking for,
Pick a shore so we can move to a place where white sands and the horizon of the sea will bear our fears and we will hurt no more,
Unforgettable, that’s what u are,
so pardon my language..You’re my fucking star,
The best is yet to come,
This is the beginning..I’m yet to cum in u and wait 9months for u bear to my little golden ones,
But that’s one for later..what matters is you now,
To you my queen, a kiss on your hand, a knee on the ground, to your beauty I humbly take a bow…


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