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Service With A Smile…

Ever gone to buy something at a shop and had a cheeky look, response or treatment by the seller @ the counter? Painful isn’t it? This is the pivotal reason and cause of woeful customer relations in most companies and organisations, especially in Ghana. Customer relations is a key aspect in any company or organisation for that matter. Its what determines the business image as to whether this or that company is one to trust. More often than not when you go to business ventures like restaurants and hotels you are likely to encounter a few counter reps who tend to give the frown or not interested look and their service at the end tend to leave you with a hefty amount of sour taste in your mouth. This form of treatment leads to bad image of that particular business venture. What is more fascinating about this situation is these reps give you the service as if you the customer is rather punishing them. They seem to forget that they actually signed up to do the job and were not lashed to leave their homes to go search for a job. No matter how stressful the job maybe, it demands calmness and a positive attitude and treatment towards the customers. You must remember that being a customer service personnel means giving out service which does not only affect positive business image but also affects your level of respect by all who come in need of your service. In other words, it builds up your own self image. Again, customer service deals with a lot of stress because all forms and sorts of people come in day in and day out. However it is very wise for you to remain calm about it. If you’re the grumpy, always complaining type, then unfortunately, this is not the job for you. To be a good customer personnel, you must learn how to react under pressure regardless of who or where its coming from. Know how to say the right things at the right time and most importantly keep a very broad smile on your face. Know that your frustration of having to serve a lot of people is nothing compared to the frustration of the customer who in most circumstances may have to stand and wait in a queue for minutes, perhaps hours just to get his or her service . Its the basics that are most required and mostly shown in the process of you giving out the service. You must kill your anger, embrace patience and adapt a service to mankind approach in order for you to be able to work as a customer relations personnel. These three are vital and lack of any of them may well cost you your respect and to severe but very ascertain cases, your job!


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