Poetic State Of Mind

Bless My Soul…

I am in touch with the environment..music’s the product of my soul,
I pour out my heart just for you to walk a mile of struggles in my soles,
Born with a conscience of winning, vaccine against the threat of defeat,
I stand in between pillars like Samson but Delilah would never be a reason for me to ever fall back or retreat,
Many men have tried to overcome the tantrums of life,
Failure was once my girlfriend, she was a real trip, so I ditched her quick and made glory my wife,
I strife to be successful, more than amazing,
I am aiming @ legendary status, my pedestal getting hot, but my styles already blazing,
Waiting patiently for the drums to beat,
For Mother Africa’s unique,
She’s blessed with richness but the blind follow unwisely and fall down on their feet,
On my knees I pray to the Most High,
Lord I..ask for forgiveness for my enemies who know I’m too strong mentally for their curses but still try,
I see the finish line but doubts over whether I’ll finish in time,
Rings through the hearts of those who once aided my progress..now they wish to see me decline,
The steps are getting narrow,
Sharp pains hit my bone marrow,
I visualised the present, in case I slept in deep tranquillity with no dreams about tomorrow,
Sorrowful tunes echo through the hearts of the once brave now no more,
I’m left with their history, their legacy remain vividly in my thoughts through this liquor I pour,
The pressure remains within,
Resilience is the pied piper, I’m a dancer to its tune dubbed “win”,
Success may be the death of me
Cos I’m human and error prone,
Complacency lurks in the shadows
Lord Bless My Soul…


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