Poetic State Of Mind

Au revoir, mi amor…

“This call will last for 10mins” said the operator,
I plan to talk less unless you plan to ask a favour,
So this is it? This is the end,
The point where our hearts split into two and our bridge of love breaks with no possibility to mend,
You can’t say I didn’t try..all the nights
you cried,
The cold beatings of the winter, I kept you warm and tight,
When you were under duress of your daddy’s pain he oppressed,
I took it upon myself, to give you life, one full of no suppress but free of stress,
I was your brother and best friend,
Though I saw u more than just a sister and a girlfriend,
In the end, you treated me like I was a topic on twitter and allowed your friends to make it trend,
All of the lies, I felt with my heart much deeper than I saw with my eyes,
You shot the bullet through my brain, missed my heart by an inch..but still
onlookers called it a love homicide,
Romeo & Juliet they said,
Beyonce and Jay-Z they cheered,
But within the smile of pretence lied a chaotic world that made us wish we were dead,
Together we would be,
Forever was failed to be seen,
A fairytale we lived, reality woke us from our dream,
But I live with no regrets,
For u loved me the best,
The pain and joy of letting you go is like a gruelling game of chess,
A bitter taste in my mouth cause of a bitter pill to swallow,
You cheated on me with a bandit, a modern day Jack Sparrow,
Though these days are shallow, my life will definitely rise and stay afloat,
It’ll swim to the shore for sure, to hell with this rugged love boat,
In years to come you’ll remember what it felt for you to be loved by another,
Au revoir mi amor, the sun will shine forever in the days and atone for the nights you brought about thunder…


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