Poetic State Of Mind

Black Truth, White Lies…

Since 2000 they’ve been predicting,
The world is coming to an end..are you listening?
Soon to POOF! Disappear without a trace,
Mass funeral..but the already fallen will rise and be judged to decide their fate,
Many declare the days, the time, but never know the place,
We as humans predicting the thoughts of the super natural race,
Earthquakes, tsunami’s, fire & mud storms,
Leaders obsessed with rule, refused to let go..so NATO strike their families with BOMBS,
Praying for better days better yet praying for painless reigns,
“God deliver us from these stormy rains” the prayer of a man almost insane,
But we’ve been asked to believe in truth,
The Word is the truth the elderly try to preach among the youth,
With much relevance lies the significance of amendment of its laws and principles,
Do we live by them or do we mock them in the end..yet knowing that the thoughts of the wrath of our Lord is one that gives us goose pimples,
False prophets pick our brains like pick-pockets,
Our mentality fried and reduced to that of chicken nuggets,
The bug that never came,
The destructions that caused us pain,
The thin line between to lose and gain,
Shall one day echo through our hearts over and over again,
He alone knows..when it was..when it is..when it shall be,
Till then we are just pieces on his chessboard..He moves & controls our destiny…


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