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Silence The Doubters…

We all have an aim or goal to achieve. A point to prove that our existence here on earth is not by chance but for a real purpose. Therefore it’s high time we fought and showed that purpose through positive energy and action. Many at times we fail to live within expectations of people who look up to us to deliver. Its not that we can’t but cause we don’t have that enough self belief and trust in ourselves that we can. We give up the race right after we’ve set off and its sad because one of the main reasons that causes us not to have that self belief, trust and confidence is the taunt of our doubters. Aka the pull-downers. Their job is pretty self explanatory. Kill Spirits By Any Means Necessary and they’re pretty good at it too. With no remorse and no sensitivity, they construct, and try to impose a sense and feeling of “You can’t” vibe all around you till you finally become a believer that you really can’t. Mind is strong but heart is stronger. We must break free from those shackles of negative vibes today. Put in an extra effort with the notion that “this push is going to bring me home to that finish line” and most importantly “Put God 1st”. Let Him direct all affairs regarding your life and expect patiently for results. One thing we must be aware if is that, nothing is too big to overcome. No fight is too strong to conquer and no feat is too cumbersome to accomplish. Although every little prayer of negativity is all in the head, we must not forget that the heart’s hunger and desire to prove the impossible possible burns harder than before. Thus we must incorporate that hunger with an ounce of trust and confidence in not only ourselves but in God to see us through the stormy patches. Nothing tastes sweeter than victory but nothing is tastes even more sweeter than to silence the ones who claimed you wouldn’t be able to do it. Discipline is also decisive in this regard. The many heroes of generations past have embodied the act of discipline in being who they are today. It’s not as easy as it sounds cause it requires a lot of patience as well as tolerance. Being able to tolerate the just and unjust criticisms that come in every single thing that you do. Again mental strength is required a lot in this department and coming short of the full strength can only see your doubters come out victorious. So the job here today is quite simple. Prove the doubters wrong! Maintain chunks of confidence and self belief as well as trust and discipline. Silence those doubters with a roar of determination and leave them with echoes of your relentless power to overcome all odds and strife to success! Impossible is nothing!


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