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Act Of Giving…

There’s a lot of good in giving. No I don’t mean the kind of giving that defines how much wealth you have. I’m talking about the kind that is sincere. The kind that is heart felt and is purely out of humility. You see what some of us fail to realise is that success is not only as of human effort. It is also and most importantly as a result of God’s mercies, love and grace for us. So yes you may have all your riches and in abundance but just remember your human effort constitutes only 20% of the total work input..but Gods favour and mercies and the belief you have in Him constitutes the remaining 80% of the work input.
But not to drift away from the topic, the act of giving is one that deals with sincerity and honesty. Like I said earlier it is heart felt and there’s a lot of joy as well as blessings that come with the act. Giving comes in various forms. It may come in an act of kind gesture, appreciation or out of compassion. We’re living in the world sadly that portrays people giving and expecting something of either the same or a larger magnitude in return. The Bible talks about giving and its significance. It tells us to give the excess of what we have to those who don’t and are need of it. This basically means helping the poor, homeless and the sick. However we find ourselves in a situation where its hard to even tell between those who are really in turmoil and those who want to find means of extorting money from you. This in effect hinders much effort in giving and leaves the innocent and very much worthy of being given some form of comfort in the dark. I however believe that giving comes from the heart and unless your heart is in tune with your soul with a hefty amount of goodness and faith, that can not happen. Also, we should take note that giving and expecting something back in return does not constitute “pure giving”.
So today what must we do? Learn to give from the heart! Remember no amount of giving is less because so far as it’s coming from the heart, it bears a lot of value. Take time to analyse the people around you and seek to give to anyone who is in need. Lastly,take away all sorts of greed and give with no strings attached. If whoever you’re giving to finds a lot of goodness and compassion in his or her heart to give, he or she will. Remember God is the ultimate bearer of gifts and for every act of giving you perform, He returns the favour by giving you abundant blessings..


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