Poetic State Of Mind

Supernova meets Ms. So Fly…

It was the summer of 2009,
Fresh off the vacation..I believed
the world was mine,
Fresh JJ’s on my feet..felt the like
the great MJ,
Shooting hoops with the peops
from sun rise to sunset everyday,
It was just a regular day,
The sun was scorching and we were
practising free throws from the paint,
Wait! I can’t believe its been a year today,
Since my hands felt her face..although
it was a mistake,
The embarrassment that I felt..almost like I had just been disgraced,
She was a mystery,
A hidden part to a treasure I was yet
to venture for,
Or more than that..she was a pleasure
I was craving and whaling for,
Body shape nice..lips, hips and juicy thighs,
A delight in my sight..and her body tone was so right oh my,
She had me floating on cloud 9..I was airborne,
She said her name was Liz..incidentally here we stood in front of Claireborne,
I felt a pain beat up my chest,
Pain didn’t want to rest until she had responded to my PIN request,
Forget text..we BB’d our way to cupids nest,
In a year we were love birds singing sweet tunes together,
She was rich and I was clever..put that together and we were undeniably meant to be forever,
But forever is just a word and soon
Things took turn for the worst,
When I wanted Chinese she wanted Italian,
She wanted a diamond ring when I had fought so hard for a medallion,
Understanding became a problem that even a mathematician cldn’t solve,
Our love turned sour and salty..in a pool of hatred..it dissolved..

(Watch out for Part 2)


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