Suave 24/7 - 365

The Good Image vs The Bad Impression…

Its funny to think that sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that demand us to portray an amount of goodness and composure. However for what is worth, our real self keeps butting in and interfering with us. An instance is being assigned to a job that demands decency, good, calmness and pleasant interaction with customers or people for that matter. Its hard to show these traits when you possess little or no strength to them. Its much harder to act it out because the nature of your job requires you to do so. Those who manage to pull it off, always have that tendency to show out their real selves. This in the end sparks up confusion which normally leads to the reprimanding of them. We must learn that however hard we try, we can never work with pretence and go scot-free. Eventually, the real you will show up, and once that happens, all hell is sure to break lose. Good they say is always better than evil. So why pretend to pull up a good image when deep down inside you, its much more of a burden that your soul continues to struggle. Its better to work on the image that defines who you are. Taking gradual steps to analyse what makes you react in certain ways that results in negativity or less positivity. Finding solutions to these problems. Finally, finding catalysts that’ll transform you into a much better person. 1st impressions count. But in trying to put up a good image, when you lack the spirit of goodness & control within your real self, the result will always lead to a bad impression. This bad impression regardless of how small or large it may be, may have a long lasting negative effect in the perception of many about you.


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