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Stick With The Principles…

These times are crucial times in our lives. Call it crunch time because there are a whole lot of things happening. Some simultaneously and some happening back to back, but in all of this we still have to stick to our principles. Everybody has a systematic way about doing things. Its a system that has worked well for you and so you’ve stuck to it. However, with the ever rapid changing of the world, sometimes you might need to adjust or perhaps just tweak the system to work in your favour. It’s almost like trying to install a software program on an updated operating system(OS). The software might be out of date, but can still work on the new OS IF its run in its compatibility mode. just like the software, our system of doing things might just be a little bit outdated to the present age we’re living in. It doesn’t mean we can’t stick to the routine anymore. It only means we need to ADJUST and stay focused. You’re in a new environment and it so happens that a different system approach is used to handle situations. Your current system approach seems to fit in only just, what do you do? Tweak it a bit according to the standards of the environment you’re in. Change is good but a little of that change can bring about a whole new energy rather than having to start over from scratch. Bear in mind that these principles contribute to your discipline and control over your actions and responses. So what to do today? The world is changing yes but maintain the principles that guide you through each day. Stay positive and alter minimally if there is the need to. Remember that, there may be a period where adjustments to your system may lead to slow outputs. You need not panic! Its a phase that will last for a brief moment, due to the adaptation of the system to the new environment. Stick with the principles!


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