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The Circle…

Look at the person sitting next to you (if there is somebody) or analyse the person who just left your company. Ask yourself this honest question. “Is he or she worth being in my circle of friendship?” Many at times we meet various people upon this road of life and we tend to accept these people for who they are which is ok. However and most importantly, we snap them under our wings and put a tag of friendship on them. They in the long run end up in our friendship circle. The question is, is this person worth being in that circle. Let’s briefly analyse how a circle of friendship should be. Now unless you’re retarded or lost in the world, your circle of friendship should consist of people who are REAL! When I say REAL, I mean people who can fool about with you if its within them, but at the same time reason with you on REAL issues. It should consist of people who have @ least 80% of conscious reasoning in them. It should consist of people who you know when worse comes worst they’d be able to keep you level headed or offer assistance of some sort. The circle should have motivators! Not just any kind but positive motivators! Nobody wants a friend who will negatively influence the individuals mindset. Have a circle full of winners. Ambitious, energetic people who are willing to put over 100% effort in whatever they do! Note that its ok to have a few people who might not be totally in tune with positivity in the circle. These people will need your guidance to get onto the right path, but still have a lot to offer you. It’s VERY important to note anyone who negatively affects your circle. Such people should be eliminated with immediate effect, unless they show signs of life in them to change. Remember that your circle of friends to some extent determines who you are, where you’re going and what you want to achieve in life. Also, bear no sentiments when analysing and eliminating the people in your circle. Its much more comforting to let them go than to have them behaving like trojans, corrupting and crashing your memory unconsciously. Be wise in choosing your ride or dies!


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