Poetic State Of Mind

Change Of Faith…

My eyes open in a place full of sanity,
My mind is trapped,
Losing conscious..breathing STOPS!
Then a breath of fresh air swirls by,
Sounds of children playing,
Voices in my head saying, U belong here,
For years i’ve dreamt to go far away from
my fear,
I couldn’t stand the torture, the pain,
Sunny days giving way to horrendous rain,
Such a shame,

I see diamonds, i see gold,
I see the people who once I spat on,
Looking healthier & richer..fortunes swiftly
changing & poverty is no longer their own,
I seek peace in my heart..they smile & chuckle
in parts,
Dumbfounded by their negligence..i beg to differ
their so called change & keep our distances apart,
Their pertulence I fail to associate myself with,

As I walk through this path hand in hand with a
man i could barely take a glance @,
I see the history of the past painted on the walls
of jury..i ask myself..where am i headed @?
Atmosphere switches to gloom,
Darkness rises in majesty and fills up the room,
My fear lingers near,
Heart beats aren’t clear,
Buckets are less for the stress that creeps from
the rear,

Voices of distress and pain ..echoes and refrains,
Headaches punching my brain..my temple up in flames,
Tears trickle down my eyes as the beast calls out
my name,
Guilty as charged…on my hands are these chains,
Condemned to the pits of flames,
For selling my soul..I pay the prize of losing my life,
My dignity marries the destiny of perishable plight,

I’d fight these beasts but my mind’s too weak,
For my maker has left me in peace..and my soul rests
no longer within me,
The boiling pit stares @ me..to the edge they place me to stand,
Cries of “Lord Forgive Thee..for change I can”,
Marks tattoo my back in multiples of viscious attacks,
A push from my back..i fall..eyes closed..suddenly..SNAP!
My eyes open..in bed I lie visibly shaken,
On my knees..I pray..”Lord forgive me for rapture was

“Let Your will be done today..and lead my enemies astray”
“No longer a pretender..i surrender that come what may”
“my faith will lie in your presence forever from this
“in Your Son Jesus name..I humbly pray”


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