Poetic State Of Mind

Must Be Love…

What is this I feel?
I have the urge to resist this
but I’m optimistic that its real,
Must be that feeling that takeS your
mind away,
Pause! Thoughts rewinded..now play,

Must be that feeling that takes your
mind away,
Breathless @ its peak..lungs weak..
feeling trapped in its maze,
Feeling that penetrates smooothly
into your brain,
Stimulates your senses and fences an
ounce of goodness within its frame,

It’s white as snow..pure in its existence,
Sentiments shine bright by its fluorescence,
Like a song given birth as a melody,
Bonded together with sultry lyrics in
Lifts u high up..like a crane,
its addictiveness is much stronger than any
drug and burns slow like propane,

A breath of fresh air within the soul,
Reaches down to my feet like a fresh pair of
Nike Air soles,
It starts with chemistry between the eyes & the
Impulses transcend from the brain & manufacture
a kiss,

A sudden bliss..
Throws a mist of confusion,
Mind is in denial..and every word is visualized
and treated as in illusion,
Lost for words..perplexed by the context of the
text that bears my name @ the index,
Obliged to reply cos of its burning nature deep

A monopolizing instance it proposes,
Truthfully its a curse blessed from above,
Its symbolized by an offer of a single or dozen roses,
A four-letter word encrypted and signed straight to
the heart,

Sealed in truth,
Liberated like a flock of golden doves,
Trapped in a bloody hue,
This must be LOVE…


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