Poetic State Of Mind


All day u’ve been on my mind,
Waiting eagerly to give u that
bump and grind,
A couple shots of tequila n lime,
Your’re losing ur focus, heads spinning
Its about time,

Take my hands and follow me,
Room 233..Presidential suite,
Lie down gently while I take off ur
Heels so appealing..not only r u smart
but trendy,

Relax..set your mind free and ur body
While I feed u these strawberries and
Let me pull down ur dress,
Unstrap ur bra..ur breasts I caress,

My hands gliding in btn ur thighs,
Lips on ur nipples as I lick and bite,
Fingers rotate slowly but hard on the clit,
Mouth full of tits while I bite harder on
nipple & lick,

Allow me to kiss u round ur collarbone,
While my fingers dig in deep and u moan,
Vagina all wet..tongue 1st..fingers next,
Licking,sucking, fingering simultaneously while I squeeze ur breasts and call it a triple threat,

Lips wrestled each other with passion,
Legs tightened, fingers in deep and fastened,
Faster rotation,
Deeper penetration,
Harder strokes,
Your boat over floats,

I flip u over with my face on your lips,
Positioned in 6 with u positioned in 9
giving blows while I take sips,
Blows get heavier..feeling all dizzy,
Sipping from her boat..juice has me all

Handstand on the floor as I grab ur legs from behind,
Stroking from a wheel barrow state of mind,
Pain is undefined,
From the spot she sits, pricked to the point she feels chills move up her spine,

Sweat drips like rain,
Bodies wrapped in missionary frame,
Ur moaning becomes insane,
As I aim for ur heart from the back with my dagger in close range,

Hands firmly place on the apple bottoms,
Sure they feel tasty enough, but my
Organic fertilizer is sure to keep ’em rotten,

Friction becomes intense,
As my every muscle in btn ur lip muscles r tightly tensed,
Mirror within view..from the back I grab hold of ur hair,
Look here..as I grab ur chest..poking u from the rear,

Candles lit..I drip the candle dews on ur nipples and spot,
U bite ur lips..as I nibble & suck like a lollipop,
Once again we up the tempo,
Riding my horse like its designer made,
Body so loco in sexy movimento,

The screams get louder & echo,
Veins contract harder against ur walls..as they
begin to break down like that of Jericho,

Like dominoes..they fall,
Burst like a hose..cum abundantly pours,
We lie on our side as we watch morning looming,
Thoughts run wild as we sign out with a dose of spooning,


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