Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#3)

Contentment. 11-letter word. So much significance and impact in the lives of people. We preach it, but do we live by it? We all have to a certain extent individual desires and needs that we feel should be part of lives. However, while we do know this is all we need, some of us are just not satisfied even after we get all of it. We ought to understand that God gives riches. He provides our every need and anything we need, we seek Him in prayer.

We have situations where people out of their selfish pride and ego demand more in life. Power driven, they act out of their faith in God just to get what they feel is right for them. They lack humility and patience. Greed is instilled in their DNA and care less about hurting peoples feeling in the process.

Is it all worth it in the end though? Satisfying selfish ambitions rather than being content and in some circumstances, helping those around you to also get to a level that they can fend for themselves in the end? Remember this world we were put in is borrowed. That includes everything in it.

So make due with what you got. If its God’s wish for you to have much more, He will bless you with more.


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