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Words Of Inspiration (#5)

Is it too much of a task to ask for help? Ego is killing the world gradually and what hurts is that its like a contagious disease catching almost everybody. Even quiet people these days have it.
Its almost fathomless to watch people in the dying need of help, guidance and or assistance just sit back and act as if solutions to their problems will come to them naturally.

Clearly this act shows the amount of ego, ignorance and lack of reasoning some people have. Realize that the ego will not subtract nor divide the situation but rather add and multiply it. The thing is even without asking, there are some people who are naturally sentimental when it comes to the plight of other people. They are willing to help their fellow brothers and sisters @ no cost. God Bless Their Souls!

Even when it comes to asking God for help, people are reluctant to. God is the master architect though, so nothing He puts or plans is in vain or an act of misinterpretation. He puts certain people in our lives so as to overcome even the tiniest of situations that we may come across. So when these people are pushed away, you’re automatically telling God that you don’t want none of His business.

When you were born, it took guidance to help you make your very 1st walk. The reason being is that your limbs were not properly developed. A person recovering from a broken leg needs assistance to get him or herself onto his or her feet. The same way, problems that you can’t handle on your own need guidance or assistance.

To be aided or to sit and become a vegetable? It’s your choice!


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