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Words Of Inspiration (#6)

Love your neighbour as yourself. This is what God tells us in his Word. Question is, do we go according to this commandment? I will be brief with the message because going into details might be equivalent to writing a book.

The word “Hate” is such a strong passionate word. So strong that those of us who use it on the daily basis do not feel the harm that we cause to those who we say it to. Its sad to say that people in this modern era claim to hate people for no significant reason. The irony here is that, most of these people are either busy with their lives or filled with too much goodness to even care about what you think or feel about them.

Let it be known that hating somebody for what he or she has signifies vanity. Vanity to God is nullified and grossly unacceptable. We sometimes allow the merest actions of people to get us but it should never be so. We must learn to control our emotions and not get carried away by the actions of people.

Rather than sitting back and thinking of plotting revenges and claiming to hate on the same people who violate us, we should pray for them or let them be. For the word even says that when your brother slaps you on one cheek, turn and show him the other cheek.

“Hate” is an action attributed towards negativity, and negativity in its sense is not healthy for neither the mind, heart nor soul. Learn to accept people for who they are. We were born differently and as a result we tend to choose different lifestyles. Some of these lifestyles are shocking and unappealing to us. However, know that hating will not change nor save the situation. If you feel you can’t cope with them, then shun their company.

In a nutshell, we must learn to love people regardless. In God’s dictionary, the word hate does not exist and neither should it exist in yours. Pray for the ones whom you feel need a change and be blessed for it!


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