Poetic State Of Mind

Made Men…

They’re here to stay,
Their power is undeniably great,
Trading punches with the exchange
Money is the motivation for these
The only love they know is the
one they receive from the dough,
Women r less significant to their
hustle unless they’re independent,
If you’re a broad with the right
features, you’re in the pent(house) then,
Day & night..they comb the streets,
Sleep is for the weak..insomnia fuelled
by their paper addiction so they turn
Into nocturnal freaks,
Its bigger than the individual,
Heart, mind, body and soul committed
Its spiritual,
Power is more than just a possession,
It’s a high substance fused with a large dose of obsession,
Black on black rims with the V-Dub engine,
Superheroes cruising in their alter egos
number plate tagged “VILLAIN”,
They don’t make it far through
the easy way,
Torture and pain..in a quest to attain
success they leave their emotions on the
No Regrets lane,
This is their living bread,
In this movement, there are no room for sentiments,
Live by the stack$ and die by the gun,
Live one hell of a life to meet God’s son,
Real recognise real,
Dismiss all phoney midget deals,
Dining and wining with the gurus, the dons and the bosses,
Winning is all they do…their bankrolls never pay dues to losses,
5-men with a nation in the palm of their hands,
You either be a man or become a target of their plan,
No days off, no vacations,
They only vacate their stations when
they’re paper chasing,
The modern day mafia,
Pledge allegiance to the movement and die for the la familia,
Gangster wiv class,
Trendy over trash,
No pushovers, no buddies and no damn friends,
Made Men..Money, Power Respect
over everything,


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