Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#7)

Impossible is a word that should never be part of your diction. If it is, then it should cease to exist today.

Nobody’s born perfect but then again, perfection is never beyond your capabilities. Life sometimes provides us with tasks which seem greater than us @ a glance or 1st thought. However think about this, David fought Goliath @ the 1st go regardless of how huge and how armed he was. Why was this? Its simple. He had faith in the Lord and that faith sent an impulse to his heart which told him that “impossible is nothing”.

Some of us are probably facing challenges or are yet to face challenges that will test our mental resolve. Confidence is @ a minimal thus we are destined to concede to defeat that these challenges are impossible to overcome. You’re much stronger than that in reality. Its all about digging deep within your heart and having that faith and belief that you can overcome anything that comes your way.

Remember you were born a winner, the blueprint to your success has already been laid. Its all about having faith and success will surely come your way. You should @ no point in your life question your ability to overcome a challenge. These challenges are just temporary setbacks. Think of them as obstacles that God has placed before you to test your faith in Him.

Endurance is the key today. Endure through these phases and have faith with a clear positive conscience that you’ll be able to see that light @ the end of the tunnel. IF U HAVE BELIEF, THEN U CAN ACHEIVE ALL THINGS UNDER THE SUN! Think about it!


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