Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#8)

Let go of the people who bring nothing but pain in your life. This is probably the hardest yet easiest looking decision that we find hard to do in the present age that we’re living. We attach so much emotion to the people around us that we ignore the hurt, burden and pain they cause us sometimes. In the end, they usually either cause grief to our souls or walk out and leave us wandering in a mist of confusion.

There’s no particular time frame when letting go of certain people in your life. You ought to be conscious of what’s going on around you. Be able to detect the negativity that is transmitted to you from various human orbits and shut them out completely. People go mad cause of love, betrayal and what not.

Know this, no one is perfect and trust is only purely given from the Lord. That’s why we’re mortals. We do not possess that perfection that super naturals may have. Thus we’re prone to error and we’re bound to pick up attitudes that may negatively affect the lives of people. Rather than moping and asking the same “why” questions. We should be wiser, mentally stronger, and cut off the arms that tend to bring us pain rather than joy.

Friendship should never come in between a situation of life and death. One bad nut does not spoil the soup. However like a virus, once it hits the blood stream, if not taken care of immediately, its definitely going to affect the rest of the body. Be bold and confident to believe in yourself that you can do well and even better without the services of those people.

Remember that you came into this world alone and the same way you’ll leave it alone. No regrets, no sentiments. Cut off the branches that refuse to allow you to reap the fruit of your success.


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