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Words Of Inspiration (#9)

You reap what you sow. Let it be known that your actions of today will reflect in the consequences of tomorrow. When a baby is born, it is said to be the fruit of a mothers womb. Like a farmer, that sows a seed, such is that of an unborn baby in a woman’s womb. It goes without saying, the life we choose to sow will reap the consequences of tomorrow. Whether for good or for bad, that is up to you.

We have situations where parents tend to condemn their kids for picking or choosing a lifestyle which affects their lives negatively. The irony here of course is that these are lifestyles that have been genetically passed on to their kids. Others may tend to call it karma, but however you may want to call it, there’s one sure thing. Your actions today definitely reap the consequences tomorrow.

Stepping away from parenthood, we as humans tend to make life choices and decisions that later catch up with us. For every action regardless of its size, there’s a significant consequence that follows up. Depending on how positive or negative the action is determines how good or bad the outcome is. Some of us are living on the edge and ignoring the fact that we’re sowing seeds of destruction.

Its not that we don’t know what’s right from wrong, its just that we’re too proud, ignorant or take delight in taking these wrong paths. To be fair to other masses, the upbringing of some people may cause them to unwillingly take those paths but in the end rise out of them with a shout of victory and a heart full of peace. Until we learn to understand the consequences of our wrongful actions, we’re never going to sow seeds of purity.

The message is simple, live your life to the max but bear in mind that you’re sowing seeds in the process. Live wisely, and sow seeds of purity rather than destruction.


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