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Words Of Inspiration (#11)

The Blame Game. They say with age comes maturity and with maturity comes a higher level of responsibility. Sadly, we see to some extent the opposite of all that truth being done.

When born as a child, your mind is blank but willing to learn. You easily pickup actions, speech and attitudes that are made before you. As you grow, you are corrected of these habits you acquire and soon enough you are taught the difference between wrong and right.

The fact is, as you grow, you are made aware of your surroundings and the truth is preached to you more. However, false whispers are bound to circulate in the air and you are bound to get deceived easily by any of them. The mistakes we make by falling for these whispers are nobody’s fault but ours. The false moves we make might be influenced by people but allowing ourselves to take those moves is where the blame should be put.

This tendency of blaming others for our actions is just a sign if immaturity and does not qualify our ageing and growth in maturity. We must start accepting mistakes and taking full responsibilities of our actions. We are bound to get lured, convinced or influenced into taking certain actions which will lead us into a soup full of trouble. However, if we allow ourselves to go through these moves, then we should take responsibility for the consequences that may occur in the long run.

Your parents hold your hands up to about 5th or 6th grade. Afterwards, they expect you to know how to find your way about school. In the same way, as you grow, you must be fully aware of your conscience and take full control of it. Enough with the nagging and blames. Your errors are solely yours. Correct them yourself!


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