Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#12)

No holding back. There’s always that point in your life where you want to hold yourself back from a situation. Whether its telling a truth to someone or some people you know will hurt them or admitting your true feelings about someone or something.

Fear, Ignorance or Ego. Take a pick. Whatever be the case, one of these 3 is highly responsible for you holding back. Fear is dominant amongst the 3 and its what is probably killing our spirits slowly. Now, fear to my knowledge is a spirit of negativity. Its evil in its totality because it shuts your mind down from believing a situation or a feeling can not be handled properly and successfully.

What causes fear? The weakness of the spirit. Its simple. The weaker your spirit, the easier it is to live in fear. Its because you lack bravery and confidence. Self esteem is KO’d and in life there are no 10 standing counts. So you’re probably going to be knocked out and only you can help yourself back onto your feet.

Some of us play with the concept of drawing closer to God and his word. Actual thing is, when you do draw closer to Him, fear is never your portion. You go into any and every situation knowing that you have dealt with it mentally before you even set out to sort it. Its automatic. Without fear, there are no holding backs.

Confidence is @ its peak when fear is eliminated. That being said, gain some strength from the word today. The thing about “hold backs” are that, they prevent the truth from being proclaimed. The soul is trapped in a pit full of uncertainties and its freedom is far from being guaranteed.

Ask yourself this, an opportunity to win a heart, a job offering, save a soul from destruction, God’s blessing, would you give it all away just because you’re scared? Scared of opinions by others? Scared of the truth which you assume is this when it could be that? Time to rise those chins up my friends.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” (Phil 4:13) Let that be your motivation today! No holding back!


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