Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#13)

Dear Lord, bless the one currently reading this post. Lord I’m thankful for this person’s life. I’m thankful for the life of the family and all the great things you have done and are yet to do in his or her life. Lord today bless this person. I ask that you forgive him or her of the sins he or she may have committed. Lead him or her not into temptation, but deliver him or her from evil. Lord failure will not be his or her portion. A thousand men may stand against him or her but Lord he or she will become conquerors of them. Lord, I bless the financial life of this person. Lord, I pray asking for better health and peace amongst the family of this person. Sickness will not be his or her portion,neither will it be that of his or her family. Death will not be his or her portion nor that of his or her family. Lord, I commit the occupation of this person into your hands. If its education, Lord I ask for all A’s. If its work, Lord I ask for promotion. Lord today I ask that whatever desires this person may have, that by your gracious name let it come to pass.

I thank you Lord once again for the life of this person. I pray that you continue to bless him or her and may he or she have your name on his or her tongue and your word in his or heart. Success and prosperity shall be his or hers today from now till his or her final calling. This I pray and ask in the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray. AMEN!


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