Poetic State Of Mind


The breeze touched my toes and i felt weak,
Cuffed to meet my maker in heaven..my brethren
night after night my soul was bound to weep,
They caved me in within these cells,
No windows, no air..a bunch of us men and I
remember I couldn’t stand the urine smell,
Life was hard,
A penny for a thought as i thought about how
I was damned to rot,
We lot..had nothing in common but our grief
and pain,
Compounded by rain, we were slaves waiting to be
slain by our masters who rarely bred sanity within
their membranes,
For if we knew the Lord back then,
We would have prayed for the forgiveness of the coloured
men who mistreated us because of our skin,
As the sweat trickled down my face..I faced a race
against time,
Thoughts smothered in fear..the best part of my years
were spent living as if i had committed a crime,
Our voices were of miniscule or no use,
Day and night we were unrelentingly abused,
Our life diffused by the minute, perhaps by a second,
For a second, I thought freedom knocked on our door,
ony to realise it was a cue for another pint blood to be
shed on the floor,
Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters separated from each other,
We screamed to only hear our echoes but later asked “Why bother?”
Our days were separated from our nights,
Field works that brought us no profits..only plights,
We ate the worst things to mankind,
Treated as rubbish which were neither to be recycled nor
In the corner I laid my head,
The same place I had vomitted and bled,
Whips and canes marked across our backs
Marks like that of stretched ones from a person who was once fat,
Some were shipped off to places that were not their own,
I testify today..of their cries, their struggles..their resistance and their
Some died for they could not hold on,
Their generations planted..but never grown,
Sentiments and regrets shortened..the time was now,
Dragged onto my feet..I was about to take my final bow,
The gate of no return stared at me from a distance,
I tried to resist but my persistence was of no significance,
Tossed onto a boat and sailed away,
Images of my home forever live with me to date,
Today my generation live a life I call a mistake,
Their minds still trapped in mental slavery,
I pray that they soon emancipate,
Remember their roots and live their legacy with bravery


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