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Words Of Inspiration (#14)

The art of forgiveness. In our everyday life we’re bound to face disappointments and wrongful doing by others on us. Some of these people who do commit these acts, in one way or the other tend to apologise for their actions, be it purposely or accidentally.
Others fail to out of their egos or pride. The question is, do we easily forgive or even forgive @ all?

Forgiving is an art which demands acceptance, humility, patience, understanding and a huge heart willing to let go of pain and accommodate peace. We sometimes become over emotionally attached to the hurt or pain that an individual or people leave inflict on us. As a result, we tend not analyse the situation and pay attention to the apologies that sometimes may tend to accompany it.

It is true that when the apology is not out of sincerity, we have every right to dismiss it. Sadly, we become so attached to the pain that we fail to reason at that moment. As a result, we fail to tell sincerity from insincerity. Its time we understood to let go of negative feelings or emotions. The truth is, the more we inhibit these emotions, the more prone we are to ignore gestures and even people to a certain extent.

Even if the person fails to apologise, still find it in your heart to forgive the person. People actually die out of not being forgiven for their past misdemeanours onto us. Yes, shocking but true. Such people out of being overly attached, have their lives rotating round the situation. Avoid this if you fall under this category.

At the end of the day, let’s live in truth and humility. Let’s learn to forgive regardless of how intricate and or delicate the situation is. Learn to forgive and get blessed abundantly for it.


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