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Words Of Inspiration (#15)

Kindness. We meet various types of people along the path of life. Some are decent, others, well..not so decent. One important value we’re thought through our upbringing is humility. Out of this humility, we must show kindness. Kindness to everyone we come across.

Now this may not be the easiest thing to do, considering the various types of persona you are likely to come across. It takes a lot of patience, and tolerance to do this but with a peaceful heart, its never impossible. Kindness is a virtue that brings about peace. It brings about unity & togetherness and in this world full of mad faith, we dearly need these attributes to survive.

We must not look at kindness as in giving aid and expecting to receive. That is not kindness. That is more of lending and its end result is payback. We have to learn how to show genuine kindness. Where we assist to offer aid with no strings attached. Also, we must learn to accept the various norms of culture we come across. Understand that not everyone will smile with you, and in some cases ego’s are likely to take over.

The only way we can counter these negative reactions or approaches is through kindness. Revenges are never synonymous with kindness. In fact, they repel each other. More often than not, we seek to avenge disrespect or ill treatment done to us in a way that depicts negativity. This is not the best way. Kill all negativity and ill treatments with kindness.

Also, do not hesitate to offer this same kindness in situations where help, a crying shoulder or inspiration is needed. For out of kindness, many blessings are tend to follow you and your household.


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