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Words Of Inspiration (#17)

Gratitude To The Most High. On Saturday, 23rd July, 2011 as I laid on my sick bed, I realised how grateful I was to the Lord for my life. I was struggling with a chest infection. People who are medically inclined would attest to the fact that chest infections have a very high possibility of leading to heart failures. Thankfully, I came through. Although I took in some medication, I strongly believe it was God’s will, mercy and favour that I should be healed and rightfully so.

Many @ times, we fail to acknowledge the Lord for all he does in our life. Even the slightest things, we fail to give deserved gratitude to God. Now I’m not here to preach so permit me for not quoting from the Bible. You see everything that happens to us should be received as a form of blessing rather than a curse. The ups, the downs. The highs, the lows, should all be seen as part of the plan that God has for us.

The significance of giving thanks to the Heavenly Father is much deeper than we think of it to be. The tongue is such a powerful tool and whatever is said has a deeper feel or effect to it. If you choose to “damn” yourself, its bound to happen. If you choose to ask for healing, its bound to happen. We must @ all cost give thanks to the Lord for whatever that happens in our life. Like I said earlier, its all part of a plan He has for you. These struggles you go through, all play an integral part of His purpose for you.

Some people go to sleep and fail to wake up in the morning but guess what? You are here now and its not by any rocket science. Its by His mercies. Be thankful. Let it be known that life is not meant to be perfect because we as humans are neither born perfect nor become perfect @ latter stages. Therefore, we must acknowledge the amount of imperfect perfection within us. The more gratifying we become, the more God showers His blessings and mercies on us.

With God, no sickness is incurable. No battle is unconquerable. No form of darkness is found where there’s light and no love is greater than that of His. If the belief is there, trust is found in Him and His Word. I’m most grateful for the gift He has given to me. Most importantly, most grateful that He’s given me this to share to all of you.


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