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Words Of Inspiration (#18)

Assumption is the mother of all fuckery! Pardon my language but this is the best way I could put it in. Simple, raw and plain! There are some people who tend to look @ life from a top layer perspective! They are quick to judge a situation without trying to gain deeper knowledge and meaning.

There’s more to an action or situation than what meets the ordinary eye. What we normally see is the top layer or finished article. However, digging the roots of these actions will show why a situation is what it is. You can observe a situation @ first hand but passing out a judgment on the first glance is rather obnoxious and unfair. Supposing the situation started off a while back through the least or minor circumstances, you decision or thoughts would not be properly justified. This is because @ the end of the day, what you feel it is, is not what it might actually be.

People are fond of assuming situations which they might have the least or no knowledge of. They expect these assumptions to be taken seriously but really, just ask yourself one question. Do you even know the head of the story to define what’s @ its tail? Again, the word ignorance comes into play in some cases and its easy to say that these ignorant people become blind to the facts and deaf to the actual truth behind these situations.

Assumption leads to misconception and misinterpretation. It may lead you into trouble @ most times, and r/ships can be broken. Its also a sign of uncertainty and indecisiveness and in this garden we call life, we are better off reaping and harvesting fruits when properly ripen than @ their immature stage.

Shallow-minded people assume, intelligent people research to find the root of a situation. Where do you stand?


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