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Words Of Inspiration (#20)

Gift Of Purpose. One thing I ask people when I meet them the 1st time is, what special gift do you have? I sometimes get good reactions but most people wonder why I ask in the 1st place. My reason is simple. Its not just a gift, its special. Meaning it has a lot of significance than the normal value we attach it to.

Special gifts, are extraordinary talents or attributes that you possess. They are normally not found easily. They are special because they have a much significant purpose. A purpose normally change lives of an individual, a group, town and to some much extent nations. People, sometimes find their special talents @ an early stage. Although they might not be aware of its potential, good observation and guidance can help them develop this talent or gift.

Some parents see this talents or gifts and help their children to develop them. For example, singing, playing football, etc.. The question @ the end of the day is, to what use are we making of these special gifts? Are we touching hearts or changing lives with them? Or are we rather wasting it? There’s no question that we have the ability to inspire others with these gifts. What we need to do is find the heart and joy to do so.

It requires no extra human effort, but rather a sense of purpose, humility, love and reason. To look within yourself and say “I want to change the world” is a statement of intent and desire to make the place, and people around you change for the better. Some people find themselves feeling that way but do not know how to go about it.

Everyone has a special gift. Its not man-made but God given. For God to give you that, means He has a purpose for that gift and He wants you to use that gift for its desired purpose. Like I always say, God is the master architect and He makes the blueprint of plans to which are to follow. In some cases He uses us as tools also to carry these plans. In other cases He fills us with these tools which subsequently become our special gifts to carry out these plans.

We can change the world in so many ways. What is your special gift? How do you plan on changing the world with it? If you haven’t found it yet, ask God to show you what it is. Ask Him to direct you with it. Sky’s The Limit!


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