Poetic State Of Mind


You know my name, not my story,
Day & night I worked my ass off for
this, now you want to steal my
destined glory,
Reminiscing bout the past,
The cuts deeper, close to my
vein, in pain, wondering whether these
gains will last,
A fighter with a soul to win,
My wins r attributed to my enduring
spirit that’s constantly troubled by sin,
The fire within burns stronger,
My body feels less willing to go but
my minds measured up to go the distance, distantly worried bout time,
I can go longer,
The feat you said I couldn’t go,
The bar you said was too high to reach
suddenly @ the tips of my fingers like
a math problem I suffered to solve years ago,
The irony here is that I’m weak,
But words r words, unless they full
of potency, they can never rape me
mentally nor sync my tune into a discordant beat,
Can not quench the fire that bears flames of no retirement,
Undisputed legacy is my hearts ultimate requirement,
I aspire to be not the best,
I desire to see the best looking up
to my success as a conquest,
My name might be engraved onto
a stone,
But forever remained, should be my name engraved across the hearts of
generations, before I lie in a casket
under my tombstone,
On this throne I sit, anxiously waiting,
Staring @ my trophies but agitating,
I’m losing patience,
The heavens hear my cry,
” The sun sets on a darkened soul. In order to reach the lit peak you must seek to spring deep from your soles” the Lord replies,
So I’m ready to rise to the occasion,
The adrenalin within my veins is pure,
God-bodied, the hunger for success is
my motivation,
My days will be sacrificed, my nights will play the role of my sunrise,
Till my mission is complete, I refuse to feel alive,
Dead in spirit, but my mind, body and soul will giveth their all till the end,
Where supremacy will prevail & the world will bear witness to the birth of a LEGEND..


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