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Words Of Inspiration (#23)

Crowd pleaser or glory chaser. There’s a saying that not all 5 fingers on a hand are the same. Well, some might argue that the index finger and the ring finger are quite similar. Then again its not about the physicality of the fingers, but the meaning attributed to it. The meaning here being, not everybody is the same.

We’re living in a world where some of us, tend to do things not in such of our own satisfaction but that of others. We seem to have this notion that if we do it any other way, we might get slain by a certain section or group of people. We thus, put ourselves in uncompromising situations which at the end show no merit of our efforts put into the work, activity or task.

Likewise, we fail to be our own persona. We say things that we feel others want to hear and not our own genuine feelings. All in the name of pleasing others. The thing about all this is that we always say we’re looking to be the best. Yet, we succumb to this act of “ass-kissing” so to speak just so we do not lose credibility or respect from a cluster of people who’s opinions might even be undecided, divided or nullified in the end.

Others, fail to even start anything @ all, especially when discouraged not to. We must however remember that, our dreams are our dreams. We have the freedom to say or express ourselves in anyway. Again, we’re living in a world of imperfection so definitely not everyone will agree with whatever you say or do.

At the end of the day, criticisms and appraisals all form part of making us into better people. Rather than trying to please the crowd and ruining your originality, be yourself. Be different from the rest and for whatever criticisms you face, take them and channel them into a positive force to come back with even better concepts or ideas.

Glory chasers do not do or say things to satisfy people. They do it to satisfy themselves and they do it to their best ability. Their achievements are recognised by the many who admire their bravery, courage, intelligence and willingness to not slip away from their originality.


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