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Words Of Inspiration (#24)

Be unique in whatever you do. Some people are afraid of change. Others are reluctant to stay the same. It’s quite obvious that we’re living in a world where originality is a huge act for a lot to follow. Its not that we don’t understand the word. It’s just that we are allowing ourselves to submit to what’s already there.

Where did our values and principles go? Where is the self belief that we once had. The self belief that made us feel proud of who we are and where we come from? Sadly, that’s all down the drain. I can look @ few Africans who inspire me these days. These Africans inspire me because although they might have the influence of Western culture in them, remembering their roots has given them a reason to stay unique but within the diaspora.

Look within yourselves. You claim you want to change or rule the world but where’s the uniqueness about the way you go about it? Imitating the lifestyle of others does not shed much light on who you are. Naturally, it sets apart your persona from originality. Therefore whatever you feel you are doing different, may necessarily not be different because it has already been done. You’re just sort of making a rerun out of it.

UNIQUENESS! It’s a strong word. Easy to spell, easier to follow if you approach it with the mentality to stand out from others. On the flip side however, very hard to enact if you’re going to copy what’s already been done.

So what? Set a standard for others to look @ it and want to set higher standards. Keep the morals and principles in place. Yes you may take a leaf out the book of others, but transform that leaf into something different. Something far different from what is already there. Aim to be different but unique and special in essence.


2 thoughts on “Words Of Inspiration (#24)

  1. A lot of the time we seem to delude ourselves, thinking in doing what we think will be liked by the masses, we will be loved and feel loved.
    The truth however is that in standing out and being unique, we are loved, admired and cherished ten fold. Just take a cursory look at the lives of any of the world’s greats, Gandhi, Ali, JFK and the like. They all “stood for what they believed”, against all odds. Why else were they cherished and loved?
    When we are able to come to terms with being ourselves around family and friends, we come a step closer to feeling fulfilled and in addition, our true inner beauty which cannot be shunned, but only admired, will undoubtedly surface.
    All of man was created in God’s image. If we are true to ourselves, we are bound to be loved.

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