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Words Of Inspiration (#25)

The finish line in sight. This was originally, supposed to be a poem but I decided to turn it into an inspirational message instead. I still have it jotted down as a poem in the near future.

We’re running a race and this race although it may be long, and it might have a bunch of rough patches, has an end. We are sometimes disturbed by obstacles in our path during this race we’re on. Sometimes we get up and struggle to continue. Other times, we fail to get up and succumb to defeat.

We must become aware of the fact that every race has it challenges, and regardless of how soft or heavy they might be, we must continue with the thought of the finish line in mind. The mission is not to finish within the finish line, but to finish OVER the finish line. Unless we can eliminate fear, and develop a brick-wall mentality, that’s never going to happen.

So you come across a rough patch. You get knocked off your feet by an obstacle in your race. Deal with it! Pick yourself up, dust the dirt and debris off and motivate yourself into a winning position. No room for sentiments over setbacks. The way forward is positive thinking and never negative.

Keep moving..keep pushing and cross over that finish line. That is all!


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