Poetic State Of Mind

Love Note…

I don’t believe in fate,
Cause if that’s what brought you here
then that same fate could have
prevented the tears,
Tears of my crushed heart,
Into pieces, shattered, before you
came to mend me and dust off the debris,
My heart for 12months bled with a dagger of heartbreak stuck in it, and my mind embodied in fear,
Locked, my soul in a hole, trapped from the cries and echoes that others are meant to hear,
For days and night, the scars and bite of love multiplied indefinitely,
Lust became my bestfriend and the truth became my enemy,

And then you came along,
Joy from the darkest pit, you brought about and suddenly my heart sang a song,
One of peace, comfort and tranquillity,
Wind-like, fierce, like a tsunami, you destroyed my pain resoundingly,
I can’t thank you deep enough,
I just hope what we have is deep enough to withstand the waves that beat against the banks of our hearts so tough,
I admit it hurts my pride to let you know how I feel,
But my pride’s resistance is weak, and hidden emotions are bound to show @ truth’s alter like a bride wearing a veil,
No one knows what the future holds though,
Thoughts or feelings are subject to each hearts own,
Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be,
I ask for a chance for you to accept me, but ultimately I leave our chances to destiny…


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