Poetic State Of Mind


Images of terror, my soul sleeps,
“The last days are here” pastor preaches,
Trying to resist the force though
its much bigger than my ego,
The war is not for the feint hearted,
Stained hearts, viciously attack the souls that are feeble,

Kings from the under realm,
Seated on thrones, their glory is scrutinised, spat on, success believed to be the Devil @ the helm,
Of affairs, foul cries of injustice,
Riots sparking the birth of a social prejudice,

We’re caved in,
We love God, but we adore sin,
Abortion no longer an option,
We rather conceive and dispose them than bury them in coffins,

Mothers hold your head,
Fathers hold your breath,
Your sons are being manipulated by the system,
Daughters trading their souls to become vixens,

Chaos in the church as the pastor prays for wealth,
Appealing for funds, but funding his own income in a manner of stealth,
The truth lies in the basement, cold
and dry,
In the eyes of a leader, greed, power,
ruthless ignorance apply,

A nation cries, its soul burnt and dream shattered simultaneously to ashes within the blink of an eye,
Alive but suffocating in our own coffin of denial,
These walls don’t hear our echoes, our live’s on an endless trial,

Flirting with luck cause of our divorce with success,
Married to failure in matrimony, our life could hardly get stressed,
Patience is a virtue so we patiently wait in this pit like Daniel with faith,
Surrounded by lions but blessed by an ounce of grace, so our rise to fame the Lord will instigate,

From the deepest thoughts of our misery, we’re crowned with thorns,
Cursed onto our generations, our seats embedded with cactus, dressed in clothes rippled and torn,

Blood in our tears, compounded by our loved ones worst fears,
Halètement! Lungs almost breathless,
Death I pray will not slay us like our saviour was on pendants we hold tightly against our chests,

This path we chose, our offsprings shall one day confess,
For our sins will reap within their souls, and their spirits will be full of no regrets..


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