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Words Of Inspiration (#27)

Two sides to life. The first time I was given a coin as a child. I closely observed it. Being that young, I was fascinated @ how a piece of metal could hold so much value. What struck me interestingly, was the fact that, it had two different sides. I asked my father why the two sides were different. It was then that I found out that, the sides had names, namely, heads & tails. He also explained to me that coins were tossed to determine a random possibility between two options. Hence, “heads” & “tails”.

We sometimes question the value of our lives in this world. Even worse, we devalue them with words and actions that do not go down with God our Lord. There are two sides to life. That is, the good side and the bad side. However, we must note that we determine which side to follow. The consequences of our actions and choices determine which side we end up on. In our upbringing, we are taught the difference between these sides. However, to seek grace and favours from God, we ought to follow the right side.

Others, tend to play a double role, which is even worse than the choosing the wrong and bad side. God expects us to be clear in which side to follow. Some of us, probably troubled by life’s persistent pressures, drift away from the good side and end up settling with the bad side. Blaming God is never an excuse. Its an insult. Where faith is lacked, the soul is weak and troubles multiply without mercy. Throwing your life away, is something God does not also take kindness to. Mentally and spiritually, we are much stronger than that but we ought to show that through faith and trust in Him.

Just like a coin, we must value our lives. We should note that, these two sides are here to stay, but be critical of which side you choose. Build up your faith in the Lord through His word and be thankful and grateful for your life. When life’s challenges toss you up, pray and anticipate a victory rather than a loss.


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