Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#28)

With each passing day I ask myself, how do I reach to someone who’s in need? Someone who’s in pain. Needs a helping hand, or just a single phrase like “Everything’s going to be ok”.

I was watching the news once and saw the death and destruction of people suffering in parts of Somalia and Sudan. Even more so recently, the drought that’s hit the East African countries. People are in pain and suffering. They have no money, no food and to a larger extent are eating cow dunk to survive. I ask myself, what life is this?

We’re living in a world with three different groups of people. There’s the group of average living people, who work within their own means, and have just the right amount of resources to live. Then, there’s the extraordinary affluent people, who have the latest cars on the market. Fly 1st class to wherever they go. Own private jets, yachts etc.. and live an extravagant and lavish life. Then, there’s the last group of people who fall under the category of the likes of people in Somalia and Sudan. Hungry, rugged, sick looking and without a place to live.
The last group of people suffer more and their pain is deeply felt. Well, that is if you have a heart. A deep, humble and honest one that is. I look at the world today, seeing peers of my age, striving to get the latest fashionable trend on the market and ask myself, “Is this all we care about?” Not to say that we can’t or we shouldn’t be allowed to have these things, but the fact of the matter is, people are struggling. People are in pain, in need of a place to live, clean water to drink, clean clothes to wear. Do we care?

For one moment, just one moment. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of these people and try to feel their predicament. Feel their pain and count our blessings for a comfortable life that we have. It could have been you, or any member of your family. Some of these people have their leaders to blame, yes, but that doesn’t me we can’t feel sorry for them. Or even not care about them. Even, in our own country in certain parts, people are still studying under summer hats and almost broken down buildings. How do you feel about these people? Ask yourself.

It hurts my heart to see the most affluent people, take delight in spending their wealth over vanity and failing to see the reality of what’s going on in these places. There’s a lot we can do to help these people. All it takes is a good heart, a voice and strength of reasoning and God’s help. We can make the world a better place. Save these people from their predicaments. It doesn’t matter how far away we are. Even if we can’t help others 1000miles away in flesh, our thoughts and prayers can.

Let’s take a stance against leaders also who have aims and visions of selfish desires. Let’s be wise! You have the power to change someone or some peoples misfortune. Don’t sit there idle and act not to care.


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