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Words Of Inspiration (#29)

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards” – Vernon Sanders Law

Have you ever pondered how the life your are living today can affect your life say 10yrs from now? I read an article the other day about a young man, who was made to fend for himself at the age of 22. He lamented over the fact that, the youth of today are being trained wrongly and as such, by the time they are about 30, they’d still be living in their parents house.

Funny I said to myself as I continued to read the article and finally as I concluded the article, I was left with no option than to admit that everything he said were true. Cast your mind back to when you were born. How was your upbringing like? Some people believe it or not due to a pampering upbringing, can not find jobs on their own. They have their parents go out searching jobs for them when they ought to be on the streets, hunting themselves.

The fact of the matter is, these people can not adapt to any form of living. Whether is staying in a complete remote location, or without regular food for just a day. If you’re a victim of this tragic situation, its time to wise up and start being an adult. By being an adult I mean, start looking @ life from a matured perspective.

What are your dreams and goals? Put them down and start making provisions for them. Save and invest! If for every money you get, be it allowance, salary or as a gift, you spend it on going out, drinking, and using them on non-beneficiary expenditures then I must say, you can’t face the real world. The real world is much tougher than we actually see it to be. Every penny counts and failure to prepare wisely can lead to all sorts of embarrassment.

Chances are that you’d end up @ age 30, with less job experience and no place of your own. Its a jungle out there. Do not be fooled by the billionaires you see on tv and read about in magazines and newspapers. Each made it through the hard way. They faced life by it horns and rode it rather than allowing it to ride over them.

Some of us are grateful to have been pushed to learn life the harder way. Its made us to appreciate life the more and you could also do the same if you are willing to learn. We criticise education to a certain degree, but we must remember, that not all of those criticisms are worth mentioning. Life in itself is an endless educational journey. For all our shortcomings and obstacles that we come across, we learn from them.

The failure to also grow with maturity is resorting to social vices such as stealing and doing drugs. The riots in UK have shown what lack of education, purpose and maturity does to the human being. I pray we grow rather to be responsible and well respected people in years to come.

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” – Malcolm Forbes


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