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Words Of Inspiration (#34)

“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Nana P!” my mum screamed. I murmured and groaned and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. “What are you doing about your provisions? Won’t you pack them?” she asked. I had a month before I returned back to school and I made her aware. “So you want to wait a day before you go back eh? I don’t like ‘Mfatoho’, and you shouldn’t tolerate it either! Else one day, it’ll be too late.”

Those words still ring in my ear to today. “Mfatoho” is a fante translation for Procrastination. Funny isn’t it? Let’s have a momentary laugh about it. OK! Enough! Some people may tend not to associate themselves with this word. Simply because what is termed as that, is not what they believe they do. Truth of the matter is, when something we need to do instantly is put aside, irrespective of significance, then we are deemed to be in the act of Procrastination. Yes it is the simple truth.

As I stated @ the beginning of this message, my mum kept bugging me to always do what was needed to be done on @ that moment. In a way she was right. You see, procrastination is one disease that can let you lose track of time. Why? Well because it draws you back. For every single time, you say “Oh there’s more time to do this” you’re wasting precious seconds that when accumulated can become of great value or essence to that activity that was needed to be done.

Imagine this. Supposing a big factory that produces various items such as creams, soaps, and body lotions decided to put aside one area of work to concentrate on another, with the view in mind of attending to it later, what is going to happen? Of course, there’ll be a slump in production, sales and profit. This is because although there might be more requests from one area of their production, other areas would still be in demand and failure to satisfy those demands would cost them the normal profits they’d gain.

The same is applied to our everyday life. We keep postponing events, activities that we ought to attend to and there’s every likelihood that it’ll cost us in the long run. Think of it as an act of temporary ignorance. Yes its temporary, but the word ignorance has a strong negative impact on it.

In the corporate world, we realise that every 2nd counts. There is no time to relax and postpone business activities. So many entrepreneurs and business moguls adapt the principle of GIDI (Get It Done Immediately). We also procrastinate sadly when it comes to religion. People put Gods word aside with the view that there are other things much important. Those things might grant you earthly satisfaction but they can’t grant you eternal life nor heavenly grace.

Its time to move in chronological order with time. Put your life in order. Attend to whatever that must be done and attend to them RIGHT NOW!

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” – Victor Kiam


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