Poetic State Of Mind

Here, There, Within…

There’s no denial that your beauty’s what I’m attracted to,
Pause for a moment…let me take a minute and admire your
body’s view,
Hmmm…I could have sworn I dreamt about you yesterday,
In a white dress..brown eyes..walking down the alter way,
Jealous every time a brother reaches out to you, just to say
For every reach..if I had a gun…I’d let it kiss them with a
“bye bye”,
Its inexplicable, hard to comprehend,
I shook your hand like a gentleman but my mind’s thinking
lets be more than friends,
I ain’t no fancy guy, not flourished with diamonds,
but you’re fine as wine, so my love for you will grow as we
get better and forever TIMELESS,
It’s the little things that you do…that makes me love you more
SNAP!Awoken by my conscience, daydreaming while listening
to Efya’s tune,
A chance I threw ago, like a ball against the wall it came back to me,
Adjudged not guilty in the court of love by the cupid’s jury,
Joy in the present, happier days near,
Only fear I have..is failing to love you so dear,
A man bold by nature, but soft spoken by love,
They say a man’s weakness is the touch of a woman’s presence and heart,
Fouled out of words, tackled by your elegance,
Cuddle me with peace, when haters embrace me with petulance,
As I found out, what I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a
cloudless heaven,
We’re just a congregation in the church of love and God is our revrend,
I see past beyond your flaws because thats what defines you,
Truth be told, your negativity and my positive spirit is
attractive and what binds us into two,
Dreams and goals tarnished by liquor and hoes
the pain of lust I was made to bear,
but sanity gave in,
i emancipated from the shackles of sin
and there you stood, my angel from heaven within,
I’d wish to be nowhere but here…


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