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Words Of Inspiration (#35)

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.”
       – Socrates

We strive to become winners, history makers and legends. Our desire is to rule the world through our passions, goals and dreams. This is a positive feeling we employ in our brains but the real question is, how disciplined are we?

Discipline is an art of following a set of rules and regulations laid down to either oneself or to go in accordance to. Many successful people in the world today, would not have made it to the heights of achievements they have had they not been disciplined. It’s an IMPORTANT principle that is found within the DNA and attributes of winners and CHAMPIONS.

To each goal or dream, there are certain limitations you must set. These limitations are wrapped in a pie of rules and regulations you must give yourself so as to accomplish these goals or dreams. Its not an optional task but rather a mandatory one. Think of it as going to war. In order to go to war, you need a plan, and in this plan, you need to carefully strategize your mode of not only attacking but defending.

Self-discipline is very essential as it guards you from stepping beyond the boundaries you’ve made for yourself. There are times when you stumble across a difficult situation in your quest to achieve a goal or dream. You may be tempted out of that predicament, to alter your route or plan that you may have set for the purpose of achieving that dream or goal, when in actual fact, you will not need to do so.

You have to realise that, unless the situation entirely demands of you to try another route, that route you’re actually lying on is the route to go. This is because, whichever obstacle that steps in your way, unless bigger than the norm, can be moved. Its all about resilience, will power and fighting spirit to attain what is posed to be unattainable.

Like a math question, there are a thousand formulas to gain all the answers you need to life’s most persistent questions. However while working with formulas, maintain that discipline that has brought you this or that far. Discipline also means learning to deal with characters and personas of various individuals. Some, whom will just come across your way to dismantle your edge or energy you possess. Its with most caution that you avoid such demoralising people.

Think of discipline as football team operating on a formation. When the team falls a man short during the game, the coach must reshuffle his team. This is so as to control the flow or edge of his team has without changing their discipline which they originally brought to the match right @ the beginning.

Discipline goes with tolerance and tolerance goes with a peaceful heart. God grants that peace, and unless you have that, its hardly possible to keep your discipline. So the message is simple. Whatever lemon life throws @ you, squeeze it with an arm of tolerance and surely discipline will follow.

“Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves.”


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