Poetic State Of Mind

Stains Of A Monarchy

Don’t cry..I feel your pain mama,
The tears of a queen upon the death of her prince..she lives in trauma,
Traumatised by the death,
She loses the edge to control her nation whose people live in turmoil right @ the depth,

The greed and jealousy,
The crimes and felony,
Behind enemy lines,
God deliver thee,
From this abduction of spirit,
Entrapment of our souls,
We are taught to make peace,
But we love to make foes,

Stains of a monarchy, who are we?
Questions asked from a nation
bleeding internally,
For we once knew a God,
But chose to worship gods, lust rapidly, make merry and sip wines out of gourds,

The heavens open..the clouds turn grey,
Rain drops of fire pour as we seek
shelter and pray,
He was bound to lead the lost
out of this holocaust,
Buried within the rubble,
His mothers bones begin to crumble,

Who will then save these men?
From the horror of the devils den,
Advices fall on deaf ear,
Virgins turn into lesbians,
Men feed on men,
They’re filled with carnivorous sperms,
Beasts lie by women and produce
crossed specimens,

She cries on the edge of her seat,
Curses the day she was born and slices the toes off her feet,
Her souls weak,
Death steadily rising to the peak,
Her voice gets sour, her shouts reduces
to squeaks,

Thunder strikes heavily again,
The ground splits, rosary cuts necks
like sharp metals on a chain,
Souls slip into unforgiving flames,
Death resounding victorious as eyelids are closed like curtains drawn from its frames…


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