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Words Of Inspiration (#37)

Hahahaha…no I’m not going mad. I’m actually taking a break from life’s abstract nature. Why? Well, because life isn’t all about being focused. If you understood that last line in an ironic sense, then you’re clearly sane in the head.

I like to think of life as a big pot of porridge, a hot pot that is. Its sweet at times and other times its sour. When you’re hungry, you don’t think about how good or bad the food tastes. All you care about at that moment is getting something down your belly. Also, when the pot is too hot, you wait for it to cool down before you eat which seems the better option. However, some people prefer to eat it very hot and once that spoon touches your tongue, you burn yourself.

Life in this world is a great struggle, for both the young and old. Yet, however hard it may be, we always find our way our around it. It amazes me when people, take life too seriously, that they ignore who they really are. They reject friends, family and some to some large extent God. Question is, who hasn’t suffered pain in order to gain? Virtually everyone does at some stage of his or her life. Although, it wasn’t all smiles to the top, and it wasn’t all frowns either.

I have written a piece yet to be published called “Live, Laugh, Love”. In it I talk about how an hour of laugh can reduce a days load of pressure, anxiety and the worse. You hear this everyday but its the simple truth, life isn’t perfect. That’s the more reason why we ought to look at its imperfection and make humour out of it every now and then. When we face difficult situations, rather than moaning and groaning about it, let’s look at its funny side.

When you take life too seriously, you abandon certain joys of the world. You become cranky, and nothing seems to impress you. Whether you like it or not, rather than drawing people due to your hard work, and reputable successes, you will push them away from you, because you possess an energy that can easily break their spirits. Nobody wants to marry a fool. Then again, nobody wants to marry someone who can’t take jokes either.

Replace all short fuses in your system today. Take a minute to sit back and laugh about the situations you encounter in your life, be it good or bad. JUST CHILLOUT!!!


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