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Words Of Inspiration (#38)

Is your country worth dying for? Good question! Yet answers derived from opinions of others may differ a lot. Some may depend on situations within the persons country or self in totality.

A research sometime back showed that most Medical practitioners leave the country (Ghana) to go and pursue a better life or as we popularly refer to it, “greenest pastures” elsewhere. I can’t disagree with them on their reasons for choosing to go along this path because its a mutual feeling shared by all in the field. However, we have recently noticed that a good number of these practitioners are trying their utmost to return due to economic hardships they are currently facing with the economies in these countries.

It beats me to see people wanting to live outside their countries and vowing never to return. We must remember that there is no true happiness of a person than living in his birth nation and working hard to make that nation proud. People take trips and spend holidays outside their countries which is acceptable. I mean once a while when you do get the opportunity, you have to grab it and of course, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

The point here is, although current situations in your nation may give you enough reasons for you not to die for your country, when you do make these trips outside to a foreign country, be it on educational grounds or just a rare visit, comeback with ideas that transform the nation. Be an instrument of change and try to impose those concepts that other have failed to see.

Whether you like it or not, your nations been good to you in every aspect. Only a few downhill turns but in reality, if you have managed to come through a proper educational system, and have had the opportunity to move to other well advanced nations, and seen what makes them ‘tick’, then you can change the wrongs here. What’s stopping you?

Even if you can’t change them yourself, you can spark the idea which will influence others to come together to do it. For all the good that your country’s done to you, appreciate it! Believe me now when I say, no matter how rough times may get or maybe, you are still a son or daughter of this nation! Its in your blood and that will never change.

Chase a dream worth being remembered for! No amount of wealth can make you be remembered for generations to come! YOUR COUNTRYS WORTH DYING FOR!

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world” – Tupac Shakur


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